Friday, March 30, 2012

Book Review: Dragon's Tooth, by ND Wilson

4 stars out of 5

"Please declare aloud: I hereby undertake to tread the world, to garden the wild, and to saddle the seas, as did my brother Brendan. I will not turn away from shades in fear, nor avert my eyes from light. I shall do as my Keeper requires, and keep no secret from a Sage. May the stars guide me, and my strength preserve me. And I will not smoke in the library." - Oath of the Order of Brendan, translation approved, 1946.

The first in what looks to be a series of YA novels by ND Wilson. It's a fantasy novel involving Cyrus and Antigone Smith, a brother and sister who find they have a hidden past in their family when a mysterious man named Skelton appears, requesting to pass on a legacy with a mysterious organization that they never new their father to be part of. The Order of Brendan explores, discovers, and if need be and protects the world from mythical and amazing creatures, while facing down the wrath of a scientist with a deep connection to them.

Dr Phoenix has kidnapped their older brother Dan and only by joining them do they stand any chance of retrieving him in time. But that means fulfilling the Order's requirments in one year, which includes sword fighting, gunmanship, flying an airplane, and learning at least one ancient language. A great adventure, with non stop action and twists, it looks to be a great new series. 

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