Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Book Jeopardy!

It's Battle of the Books 2012! Come test your knowledge and see if you have what it takes to beat others in a game of book trivia! This Thursday at 6pm in the RPL Community Room.


seth said...

Do you know of any good books on the history of anatomy i could get for an upcoming report.

Evan Day...Teen Librarian said...

Hello Seth,

You may wish to go a bit further into what your project requires.

Atlas of Anatomy might help you for good info on human anatomy, as would several other books in our collection. We have some good history of medicine books as well. You may wish to look at some of our non-circulating items here, like Gray's Anatomy and the Encyclopedia of medical history by McGrew.

Finally, depending on the requirments of your report, don't forget to take advantage of our online databases. We have a lot of articles from medical magazines and journals that are not available for free online through our subscription. Please ask if you don't know how to log in, we'll be glad to help.

We appreciate you asking us for help, and hope you'll reply with any further questions you may have.