Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book Review: 13 to Life

New Book Review: 13 to Life

When darkness takes over your life and makes it impossible to breathe, all you want to do is let it. Jessica, on the other hand, decides to do something about it and tries to escape the clutches of the dark. 13 to Life by Shannon Defancy is easily described as a suspenseful, romantic love story which absolutely any girl would enjoy. Pieter moves from Russian High to Junction High trying to hide from the Russian Mafia. He has to be careful not to give his real, true identity though. Jessica is chosen as a peer mediator to show the new, attractive, and foreign student around. Soon every girl is falling for this so called ledged including Jessica’s best friend, Sarah. Sarah and Jessica met after a horrendous event that happened on a night of grief and despair. 13 to Life had me scared out of my pants in certain scenes, but also heartbroken from the infinite love between characters. Making you feel pressure of hard events and decisions and making you feel as if you were the character were huge strength of this book. I honestly loved this selection because it’s a forbidden love story in which you get lost in like magic.

Reviewed by Lily

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