Thursday, November 03, 2016

Coming Soon:

Some of you have never heard of this event. Some of you may be saying, “Not again!” And a select few may even be wondering why we continue this madness. I mean, seriously, dude, isn’t this like the umpteenth Geek event?
The best answer to this conundrum is the simplest: “Because, that’s why!” More succinctly, it is because every single one of these events is entirely new, crazy, and different. We always have geeks and nerds, like the Idea Factory of NWA, and lots of cool things to do, but we also have so much more to see this time that is completely new to the NWA area, like the School of Rock and the NWA Fab Lab from Fayetteville.
We will also be featuring the Storytellers of America and a slew of exciting authors who are all local and so excited to meet our patrons. There will also be face painting, the Amazeum, kid crafts, and our very own Friendly Bookstorewith comics and used books, and tons more! There will be more music and more fun people to play with, like the professional actors from Triple Diamond Cosplay and the Ren Faire of the Ozarks. We will be hosting the BIGGEST Cosplay event we have ever hosted with more categories and exciting prizes than we’ve ever had before. In fact, we have added a number of new books on the subject of cosplay and costuming; come and check them out to aid in your quest to present your best.
If that does not excite you, just stroll through the Friends of RPL Community Room and see what fantastic things await you from artists, artisans, potters, and gizmo creators. The best part about all of our Geek events is that everything is FREE and it is for ALL ages. Come and see what the Rogers Public Library has for you and your entire family.

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