Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Guest Book Review: Need by Carrie Jones

Today we have a special treat: a guest book review by 8th grade student Alyssa from Kirksey middle school!

What would you do if you lost a loved one? What would you do if when they passed, you found out you were being stalked? In the book Need by Carrie Jones, Zara White lost the only father figure she knew, her stepdad. When Zara starts to suffer from depression, her mother sends her to a small Maine town to live with her grandmother. Zara feels hollow and alone until she meets dashing, caring, and protective Nick Colt along with two other new friends Issie and Devyn. When weird events start occurring, like the sightings of a mysterious man leaving only a trail of gold dust behind and the disappearance of many local boys, it’s up to Zara, Nick, Issie, and Devyn to find out what is happening and stop it. When secrets about Zara’s past and Nick are reveled, will they be able to work through it and stop this craziness or will they break?

In the book Need, I love how Carrie Jones made Zara sort of a damsel in distress but not at the same time. Zara can’t physically fight back the dangers surrounding her, but she uses the ultimate weapon, her brain. She comes up with plans to stop the feverish scenes in the book. My second favorite thing about the book is that despite the danger and pandemonium that surrounds Nick and Zara they still form a relationship. I have no complaints about this book and recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by Alyssa

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